Zero Lemons Japanese Manga Long Sleeve



This T-shirt is an amalgamation of Tory’s Japanese studies and his love for aesthetics and bodybuilding.  

The Hiragana and Kanji writing on the left sleeve says “West Coast Aesthetics” a representation of California, Japan and Westca in one clean design. 

“Muscle Will Never Betray You” is a popular dictum used in Japanese fitness culture (big thanks to @stgypsy and @taekonishino for helping us translate a message the resonates with both US and JP). 

The artwork on the front and back is a balance of authentic manga design and modern aesthetic, fitness culture.

Huge thank you to Westca gym member and incredible artist Danielle Oyales for bringing Tory’s vision to life.


True to size. Tory is wearing a Large. Tiffany is wearing an Extra Small.